Art with Mrs. Tucker

Start a daily art practice with me

Do you have a daily art practice? I’m talking about 15 minutes a day set aside just to make something… no rules, no self-judgement (that one is going to be hard for me😬), just FUN!

When an athlete wants to get better, she hits the gym to put in the reps. When a musician wants to improve they play scales over and over. The key to marked improvement is a regular practice and I would like to start one!! Want to join me?!

I’m gathering a few things together to prepare, because when these things are quickly available it will remove a barrier to starting, and I certainly could use all of the barrier moving I can get!😜

  1. Art materials- paper, pencils, watercolor, gouache
  2. A clean surface to work on (goodbye clutter!)
  3. Art prompts so I don’t waste a minute thinking about what to create. That’s where the beautiful printable in the picture above was so helpful for me. Thank you Bonnie Christine (get your own printable of 365 daily art prompts here.)
  4. A 15-minute timer