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Start a daily art practice with me

Do you have a daily art practice? I’m talking about 15 minutes a day set aside just to make something… no rules, no self-judgement (that ...
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Pinterest or Facebook cover


I don’t know if you’ve realized this yet, but the interwebs have a whole heck of a lot of content! The fact that you have ...
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Sock Dog Tutorial

We adopted a couple little puppies recently. They are just so well behaved! They never bark, never need to go out for a walk, they ...
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How to make a pinwheel!

We’ve had a whole week of beautiful weather, so I was inspired to make some sunny yellow pinwheels. Don’t they just make you happy!? I ...
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I'm Sarah

I’m an elementary art teacher and mom of three kiddos with a passion for collecting resources and inspiration to help you feel supported as an art teacher or parent.

My hope is to use any talent I’ve been given to create beauty, ignite joy, and share light with the world through my own art and the art of those I teach.