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Marshmallow Gun

My dad is a creative genius! He came up with this idea, but it was just too good to keep to myself. A Marshmallow Gun!!

Here’s the deal, it’s just a few pieces of PVC pipe cut to various lengths along with two T-joints, and an L-joint or two. There’s no need for any glue, because part of the fun of this gun is twisting it apart and making different designs.
Like this one, Owen created a little holder for his extra marshmallow bullets.


After many different models, Owen and I discovered that the best gun has a clear shot down a straight barrel (That’s not exactly rocket science, but I wanted him to come to that conclusion himself.)

Uh, clearly we went back to the drawing board on this one! ha!
This one had a little too many twists and turns too, but it’s all a learning process and it makes for a great science lesson!
I’ll let you in on our little secret, you have to roll the marshmallow in your hand a little bit to make it more dense, then stick it in…

no, no, no, stick it in to the end of the gun. (We had a few casualties!)

There we go… (love those blue fingers!)

And our final design, the prize winning sharp shooter.

You’d be surprised at how well these things shoot! Owen and his older cousin set up a target for some practice and they are actually pretty accurate too! I’m thinking about putting together a few kits for those hard-to-buy-for tweens on my list.

3 thoughts on “Marshmallow Gun”

  1. Your dad is a genius indeed !! It is funny how the children prefer to play with little odd things rather the newest toy in town…Well, mine were like that and it is so much fun to invent what you want…;-)

  2. I love the marshmallow gun idea! A friend sent me your link because I have 3 boys who love stuff like this. We'll have to try it! We made a sprinkler that can be rebuilt different ways out of PVC pipe this summer, and it was great.

    Sarah @

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