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Our Daily Routine

“Our Daily Routine” free poster printable for the art room.

Kids crave a simple daily routine that is clearly laid out. I created this poster for my classroom and I’d love to share it with you. Click here for a free printable.

This is how we navigate our day in the art room:

PAUSE– I begin time with my students by pausing. Maybe it was a rough morning for them, or maybe they have a lot on their minds. I want my students to know that I want to hear from them. This is a time to give students the opportunity to chat about their week and what’s going on in their life with me. I’ve found that when I hear them out before I ask them to listen to me, things run much more smoothly.

LEARN– At this point in our day, I give a teaser answer to the question that’s certainly ping-ponging around in their heads, “So, what are we doing today?” I usually give a quick, wonder-filled statement that’s a fun hook… For example: “You’re not going to believe this, but today we are using coffee in the art room!” This grabs their attention and gives me a chance to move on to the “think” portion of our day.

THINK– This is a chance to make cross-curricular connections, real world applications, and to give my students an opportunity to answer the question for themselves, “Why does it matter to me that I learn this?” For example, I may say: “What do you think will happen when I put coffee on this paper?” or “Have you ever seen an old treasure map or document? How can we make something new look old?” I ask questions first that get my students thinking before I offer any answers.

MAKE– Now that their minds are filled with wonder and (hopefully!) excitement, I give clear instructions on how we are going to accomplish our art-making for that day. I also give reminders of how to care for the art materials and choices they may have to further personalize their artwork. Then I turn on music and let them get to work.

I’d love to hear how you organize your day! If you would like a free downloadable copy of my poster for your art room, visit my Teachers Pay Teachers page here.

Classroom Management for Art, Music and PE Teachers is another helpful resource to aid you in setting up your own classroom routine.

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: Our Daily Routine

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