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Baby Quilt from Daddy’s Shirts

Anyone up for some sweet baby pics with a little homemade quilt thrown in? I made Trey a mini quilt using some of my hubby Kyle’s old dress shirts.

Oh there’s the little guy!

Trey reminds me so much of his daddy! He has a miniature version of his daddy’s smile, demeanor and his daddy’s toes…

But he has his mommy’s hands! (Silly, I know, but I think his long fingers are just like mine.)
Oh yeah, the quilt… that’s why you guys are here. I got a little distracted. It is six (6 inch) squares by six (6 inch) squares. I added a few of my favorite fabric scraps in with Kyle’s shirts then lined the back in some super soft textured Minky fabric. Because of its smaller size it’s perfect for tummy time or a car seat blanket.

There’s no batting in the center, instead I used another blanket. Sounds strange, but my husband’s favorite blanket is made this way, so it was a request. I used a waffle blanket cut to size. The effect is a much heavier quilt with a good drape. To keep the three layers together I hand stitched a little tag in the center of each square.
I love how haphazard the tags look with the strings sticking out. And those sweet baby blue eyes…

Back to the quilt. Hopefully it will stand the test of time, so I made sure to leave my initials.
Maybe most of you already know how to make a basic quilt. I’m no expert, but I thought I would share a tutorial and some layout tips with you soon. Gotta go hug my little guys right now!

11 thoughts on “Baby Quilt from Daddy’s Shirts”

  1. Oh my! I love how this quilt turned out. What a great idea to use your husband's old shirts. I love the color combination. You did an amazing job. Oh and you have a very handsome little model too. 🙂

  2. What a great idea … who doesn't have a bunch of old shirts in the closet? I haven't made anything with Minky yet but when we were in line at the fabric store recently, someone was buying some and we were all touching and oohing over it. Precious baby — darling quilt!

  3. Wooni, Thanks for asking! It has been so much fun with two little guys now! I'm operating on constant sleep depravation, but aren't those little smiles all worth it!! Owen has been mostly uninterested, but occasionally gives Trey a kiss.. so sweet!!

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