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Christmas Rag Wreath

Here’s a fun way to use up your fabric scraps and one of the trillion-and-one metal clothes hangers that you have laying around.

I whipped up this wreath in about an hour. I just cut a bunch of scraps 1 inch wide and about 4 1/2 inches long (longer if you want a fuller wreath). Then I tied them on to a metal clothes hanger that I shaped into a circle. One key thing to think about when choosing your fabric is the texture. I chose a thin cotton, a corduroy, a sheer red ribbon, a grosgrain ribbon and a thicker upholstery fabric. Have fun!

15 thoughts on “Christmas Rag Wreath”

  1. Sarah – I used your inspiration and made a wreath yesterday only I used ribbon as I had a TON of Christmas ribbon so I thought I would use what I had on hand. I don't think it is as cute as yours as they are all the same texture but I still love it. Thanks for sharing all your creations with us!

  2. I just discovered your blog and I LOVE it! You do such a great job.
    I wanted to share a time saving trick for this project. You get the same effect but can complete the wreath in about 15 minutes!
    I took a piece of fabric that was 3 yards long and 6 inches wide, and I sewed it in to a tube, making it about 3 inches wide. I then sewed 2 straight lines down the center of the tube to create a casing (like for a drawstring.) Then… just run the hanger through the casing and shape in to a wreath. You can leave the wreath as is… or to get the effect that you have in your photo… you can snip the folds of the casing for a frayed look.
    Not sure if that made much since… but I thought I would share my thoughts. ( =
    Again, love your blog… and I look forward to trying some of your tutorials.

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