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Driftwood Mirror

Each year at the beach we get a different surprise from the ocean that washes up. Two years ago it was sea weed… tons of it. Last year it was sea foam, again… tons and tons. Weird. This year our surprise was driftwood. I came up with the idea to make a driftwood mirror frame so I sent out the troops to find me some materials.

If you’re interested in making your own, you’ll need:

  • An old mirror
  • Driftwood
  • Saw
  • Gorilla Glue (I used the kind that dries white)
  • Pliers
  • Flathead screwdriver

First, remove the mirror from the frame. For mine, this involved pulling out some staples with the pliers and scraping off some glue with the screwdriver. Save the hardware that is used to hang the mirror because you’ll reuse that on your new mirror.

Then grab a really great daddy to help saw the driftwood in half. You don’t necessarily have to saw the driftwood, but I found that it’s easier to adhere to the mirror if the first layer of driftwood is flatter.

Arrange the driftwood on the mirror and adhere with a SMALL amount of the Gorilla Glue. (You’ve got to really watch this stuff, it’s sneaky. Somehow I ended up with a clump of glue in my hair that called for an impromptu haircut…ugh! And three days later I’m still finding it stuck to my fingers!) Attach the hardware from the original mirror on the back of your new creation with Gorilla Glue and you’re all set.Here’s my cheesy self portrait! Let me know if you tackle this project!  I’d love to see.

PS. If you’re inspired to create your own driftwood mirror, check out Etsy’s selection of driftwood mirrors and the prices of these suckers will definitely have you combing the beaches on your next trip!

13 thoughts on “Driftwood Mirror”

  1. What an awesome idea. This would go perfect in my house. Living close to a body of water with tons of driftwood would make this a definite option for the "TO-DO" list. Nice work!!

  2. Hi, your mirror is great, I love it. I love the fact that you have used lovely large pieces of driftwood. I have made a driftwood mirror to, but I made it with small pieces of driftwood which I think is probably less successful, I would love it if you took a look here:

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