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Lollipop baby Gift Topper

Every once in a while I’ll find a tutorial online for something adorable that I have to make right away, the kind of project that just can’t wait until tomorrow. That’s the way I felt about these lollipops.
Sweet for a little boy…
Perfect for a little girl…

They are made out of two baby washcloths

and a baby spoon!
You can find the full tutorial at 320 Days of Sunshine if you need to rush out and make them right now like I did!

I stuck mine in some pretty pink flowers as a baby shower gift, but I think they would also be super cute as a gift topper. Now if only they were edible…

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  1. Oh my word! These turned out FANTASTIC! Thanks so much for sharing your version of these! I'm really glad you liked my tutorial! 😀

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